Our company Founded in 1982, CEVIZ PRES A.S., which has been in service for more than 35 years in a fastening sector and has always invested in qualified human power since its establishment, also has been following new production technologies and making use of its investments in production for the new generation production Technologies. We are pleased to serve our valued customers.

Our company, which works with only CNC machines at all stages of production, has the capability of producing with CAD / CAM support and 3-4-5 axis machining centers and 3-4-5 axis grinding machines with micron precision and profile grinding, We produce parts for special machines in health sector, aviation sector with the production of all kinds of screws, bolts and nails used in the production of standard and special screws in accordance with the demands of our customers.

We would like to thank you for your close interest and support that you have shown CEVIZ PRES as a family and we are proud to serve you in the future as it is today.


Values from production. This vision has helped us improve our strengths and make the most of our original character. In a competitive and rapidly changing world, the values of products, services and companies are constantly changing. Today, real customer value can only be created by constantly developing new solutions and doing what we do better in a better way. The power of Walnut Presin comes from the belief in constant innovation and self-development.


Our vision is to be the leader company in all the sectors we are in, providing the continuity of our competitive power. To follow technological developments closely. the law; to comply with national and international standards. To constantly monitor the demands and expectations of our customers and markets. To ensure participation of all personnel to our quality management system. Our mission is to provide positive contributions to our country with the goal of continuous development and development

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